Boruto Episode 1 Review



Title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 1 – The Hokage’s Son
Release date: 05-Apr-2017
Original Maker: Masashi Kishimoto

From what I see there are two types of anime fans, the first one is those who train themselves to surpass Goku and other are those who train themselves to become next Hokage. There is no doubt that I’m the second one. And just because of this when I first read the Boruto manga I just couldn’t control myself.

As they were mentioning Lord Seventh was dead. And we all know Naruto is the Seventh Hokage. It is not cleared yet and I hope it was just a twist but they have mentioned it in that way.

 boruto episode 1 Review

What do I think about the story?

Now there is the Anime of Boruto, showing exactly the same thing what we have read in the Manga. The First episode started with Boruto Uzumaki son of our Naruto Uzumaki facing Kawaki in a one-on-one battle, their fight seems to be serious but gets intense when Boruto reveals the Byakugan (though we are not sure if it is Byakugan or Tenseigan or something else) in his right eye. After that, the story begins with a flashback of Boruto’s day before joining the ninja academy.

Just like his papa, Boruto uses shadow clone few times in this episode. And just like his father, he loves to make a friend and only have a motive to save everyone whenever they are in trouble. He made a new friend (Denki) by saving him a bunch of bad kids, bully and then motivated him to do what he wants to do. As a result, Denki joins Naruto by pursuing Ninjutsu in the Academy.

But the good thing is, creators, let Boruto decide his path which is different from what we have seen in Naruto and surely the storyline seems to be good. The thrill element that they gave us (viewers) in the starting 10 seconds of the episode keeps us hooked and until the end of the episode. By the end of this episode, it is clear that the story is going to be a different one.

The best thing about Boruto Anime series

To be honest, I didn’t have any good expectations from Boruto Episode, until I saw it. The only thing that made me watch it was having Hiroyuki Yamashita direct Boruto is the best decision. Also with series composition by Makoto Uezu, the person who makes some of the best fight scenes of Naruto such as Madara vs the Shinobi Alliance, Kakashi vs Obito, the Naruto vs Sasuke fight in episodes 476 and 477, and the Boruto Movie.

What do we get to see in the next episode?

My prediction is, in the next episode Boruto will be getting late on his first day of the academy. Just like his dad he might try to impress everyone in his class by something the sexy transformation jutsu that his dad used quite often in his teenage.

As being a Naruto fan, I never wanted Naruto to end, but his journey that was started back in 2002 finally comes to an end. But now after watching the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation I’m pretty excited to see what will happen next.

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