Boruto Chapter 42 Spoiler, Release Date & Everything We Know


Boruto Chapter 42

Boruto Chapter is getting quite interesting now. Boro is really getting in everyone’s nerve. In Chapter 41, Team 7 and Kawaki did put Boro on his knees, he is now moving forward to the Naruto’s Seal Bowl. This is what makes Boruto Chapter 42 interesting. Seeing Boro heading towards the sealing bowl, Kawaki have moved forward to stop him. This, in fact, was not part of the plan.

Not only me but everyone else wants to know what is going to happen in the upcoming chapter. Therefore, we are here to discuss about Boruto Chapter 42 and its Spoiler. By the end of this Article, you will also get to know about the release date and other such details about Boruto Manga 42.

Boruto Chapter 42 Spoiler 

It is clear that Boro wants to destroy the sealing bowl so that he divide them and kill Kawaki. But, this is not that easy. Things won’t end so soon. There is a huge possibility that we see someone from the leaf or some backup to help Boruto and others come out of the dimension.

We are not sure if Sasuke is really in the condition to open the dimension. Is that happens, then things might get different here.

On the other hand, if we think about the plan that Sarada made with everyone, then there is a possibility that this can be a part of their plan. Also, who will appear to save Naruto & others? Will Boro die in this chapter or are we expecting someone from Jigen’s team?

To know the answers to this question, we will have to wait till the chapter is released.

Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date

Unlike, this week’s episode, the Manga chapter 42 is not delayed. This is going to release on 20th Jan 2020 in the new V-Jump Issue.

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