Boruto Chapter 39 Spoiler & Release Date – Who is Otsutsuki Isshiki?


Boruto Chapter 39

If you are reading this article, it is sure that you are searching for more information on Boruto Manga 39. In the last chapter, Jigen nailed it. I believe that Boruto Chapter 38 was dedicated to Jigen. But what’s more interesting here is Otsutsuki Isshiki who is using Jigens’s body as a vessel & now looking for Kawaki. Even you might want to know about Isshiki. Hence, we are here with our Boruto Chapter 39 Spoiler.

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Most of you who are reading this article might have a theory on Isshiki & Boruto’s connection with Karama. If you want to add any value to this discussion, feel free to add it in the comment below.

Boruto Chapter 39 Spoiler

One thing is sure that the entire Leaf Village will be in shock to know Naruto’s condition. On the other hand, Sasuke who is in the village will get treated. Which also, brings us to a conclusion that we might all the Hokage’s in action. Also, everyone would be eager for Sasuke to get conscious so that they get the intel about the situation.

On the other hand, we might also get to know more about Otsutsuki Isshiki in this chapter. By the end of the chapter we might see Sauke coming back to normal & also, we might see Kawaki reveling everything about Jigen & his plan. There are also rumors that we might get to know Naruto’s state in this chapter.

What We Observed

If you have read chapter 38 properly, then you might have seen that even Jigen is doing all this unwillingly. Which gives us a hit that he might have left some opening for Naruto. Also, what is Boruto‘s connection with the Otsutsuki is yet to be known.

Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date

The release date for Boruto Manga 39 is officially announced. As per the official statement, Boruto Chapter 39 will release on 20th Oct 2019.