Boruto Chapter 37 Release Date & Spoiler – Finally, its Naruto Vs Jigen


Boruto Chapter 37

Boruto Manga Chapter 36 no doubt leaves a mark and make Chapter 37 the most awaited chapter now. In fact, from last week we have to wait for a month for the new upcoming chapter. But I really did not expect it to be for this chapter. As we have seen Naruto facing Jigen, there is no doubt that one of the biggest fights might happen in Boruto Manga. Hence, we are here to talks about Boruto Chapter 37 Release Date & Spoiler.

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Boruto Chapter 37 Spoiler

What makes the chapter exciting is Jigen’s words “Naruto I Shall Eliminate You“. This is sure that Jigen is going on a serious fight with Naruto. On the other hand, it is also clear that Jigen and Kawaki are connected with that Karama. Which means Kawaki is really important for him. (

If you remember Koji who has vanished, is on some other mission now. Is he against Boruto or will secretly kidnap Kawaki and Boruto when Jigen and Naruto are busy? On the other hand, Sasuke who is nowhere in the last chapter, we might finally see his appearance in Biruto Chapter 37. It might be because Jigen’s dimension power level is more than Sasuke’s. As he is a true Otsutsuki clan.

This is sure that Naruto will be fighting Jigen and there will be chaos in the leaf village again. Finally, we will see Naruto’s true power and Jigen’s too. On the other hand, Sasuke might definitely be fighting Koji.

Boruto Chapter 37 Release Date

As said that we will have to wait for a month for the chapter release. It is confirmed that RAW scan of Boruto Chapter 37 release date is 18 August 2019. By 20th August 2019, we might see the English version of this chapter.

So what do you think will happen in Chapter 37? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment below. Also, let us know your spoiler and let us see who comes closest.

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