Boruto Manga Chapter 30 Release Date – It’s Delayed


Boruto Chapter 30 Release Date: 22 December 2018
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This is quite obvious that Boruto chapter 30 will bring the most awaited battle between Naruto & Koji. Koji’s true identity is also expected to reveal in this chapter. Talking about Boruto chapter 29, which was delayed for a month, it seems that the same is going to happen with Chapter 30.

Boruto Chapter 30 Release Date
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Boruto Hyuga

According to official confirmation, Boruto Chapter 30 will publish at WSJ Joint issue #4-5 on December 22nd, 2018 in Japan. This gives a hint of Boruto chapter 30 English, could release on 24th December. Which, means after the WSJ issue we might expect to see the RAW scan to release on 23rd December.

What Can We Expect in this Chapter?

We have already made our prediction on Boruto chapter 30 & we expect to see Koji fight Naruto. As Kawaki is Naruto’s responsibility we are expecting to a battle here. As seen in the last chapter that Koji is at Uzumaki residence which is a clear hint of the battle.

But if you notice clearly, we have just seen Koji’s frog, which can be one of the Jutsu through which Koji can investigate. There are also rumors that Koji could take Boruto along with him as he also posses a Karma. Anything that we say for now is just predictions. We might get to know about the official spoiler few days before the chapter release.

Boruto Chapter 30 Release Date

As said earlier, Boruto chapter 30 will first be issued in WSJ #4-5 & then we can expect the RAW scan to be out on 23rd December.