Boruto Manga Chapter 29 Release Date & More


Boruto Chapter 29

Chapter: Boruto Chapter 29

Release Date: 26-November 2018

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After such a long waiting, Boruto Chapter 28 is out & in this chapter, we saw Kawaki’s effort to apologize Boruto. It was all fine until we Koji entering the village. As Naruto said, that enemies would come to search for Kawaki & that really happen.

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If you read chapter 28 carefully, then you will find that Koji is one of the Leaf Ninja.  In our Boruto Chapter, 28 Spoiler Delta & Koji’s appearance was already discussed, but Koji entering the Leaf village wasn’t expected.

With Koji’s appearance, it becomes sure that Boruto Chapter 28 is going to be an action-packed chapter.

Who Is Koji?

There are rumors saying that Koji as Jiriya, but we disagree on this. We believe that Koji is one of Jiriya’s student that he might have thought during the great ninja war. Looking at the theory of he being Jiriya makes sense as he uses Rasengan & Summons a Toad, but that does not describe him as Jiriya.

Boruto Chapter 28 made it clear that he is one of the old Leaf Ninja. Looking at his appearance he resembles more like Mizuki than Jiriya. He has the same physic like Mizuki & is true intention was to kill Naruto & Iruka. This can be one reason why he has joined hands with Kara.

We will definitely get to know more about Koji in Boruto Chapter 29.

Boruto Chapter 29 Release Date:

Boruto Manga Chapter 29 will get a release with WSJ #52. This release may happen on 26th November which means that we will have to wait another month for Boruto’s next chapter.