Boruto Chapter 29 English Released


After such a long waiting Boruto Chapter is finally out & this chapter is a long 42 pager. In this chapter, we saw how Koji enters the village to search Kawaki. The other side of the story is about Boruto & Naruto training. In this article, we are going to give you an overview of this chapter & also some of the pages who want to read Boruto chapter 29.

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During the training we see Kawaki helping Boruto to activate his Karma. Kawaki, on the other hand, starts thinking about his training with Kara, where he was brutally treated. This chapter makes it clear that Kawaki wants to get rid of Karama.

We also see Kawasaki’s interest in Boruto & ask Naruto more about him. By the end of this chapter, we see Kawaki picking up the broken vase to glue it up & Koji finds out Kawakis location.

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Here we are with 35 pages for Boruto chapter 29. You can read the full Manga after the chapter is officially released.

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