Boruto Chapter 28 Spoiler


Boruto Chapter 28


Boruto Chapter 28 will release on 22nd October and we have come across its Spoiler. The Spoiler w  as released in a Sub-Reddit, Naruto. This Spoiler clearly says that the Chapter will be a 41 page chapter.

Now, without wasting anytime let’s jump to the spoiler.

Boruto Chapter 28 Spoiler:

In the initial scene of the chapter we will see Kawaki following Boruto in a bustling shop filled with crowd chatter. During their visit Naruto tell Kawaki to relax as he has a lot of free time in hand.

During the visit to the Taiyaki shop, Kawaki meets Sarada. During their visit, Naruto ask Kawaki to pick any sweet he wants. It seems that Kawaki have never had any chocolate. To fill his confusion Sarada suggest with Custard Filled, but Kawaki chooses chocolate. Where Sarada wants to be his friend, Kawaki on the other hand refuses with his rude reply.

Naruto later takes him to Yamanaka shop & visits Ino. He ask Ino about Sensory Perception unit as there is a huge possibility that the enemies can be there hunting for him. LateNaruto.  ask Kawaki to buy a Vase.

While they return to their home. we see Baruto throwing the trash & seeing Kawaki’s effort Boruto get surprised, but that was not enough for him. So he runs off with a bottle of Glue and give it to Kawaki.

Later in the end of the chapter we will see Delta & Koji standing outside the village in a tree analyzing to get inside the leaf village.

The episode will release on 22nd October & starting a new bound between Boruto & Kawaki.