Boruto Chapter 28 – Closing The Rift


Boruto Chapter 28

Chapter: Boruto Chapter 28

Release Date: 20-Oct 2018

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After such a long waiting Boruto Chapter 27 is out & in this chapter, we saw some bounding between Boruto & Kawaki. As expected the last article was all about Karma. We saw few bicker moments between them, but that’s fine until we see some connection. This chapter comes with 44 pages, which defines the time taken to develop this chapter.

Chapter 27 tells the full story about Kawaki getting the Karma. Jugan’s role here looks similar to Orochimaru (His part from the Naruto Series) where he is looking for a vessel for his survival. He is doing nothing but just using Kawaki.

Boruto is still upset about what he did with Himawari’s vase & won’t forgive Kawaki for that. It seems that Naruto has some plan to get them close. In this Article, we will be seeing about what we can expect in the Boruto Chapter 28.

Note: Boruto Volume 6 will release on 4th October 

Our Expectation:

As seen that Kawaki wanted to repay by getting a new vase to Himawari & also to cool down Boruto. We will be seeing how Naruto take Kawaki to the stores & on the other hand, will also do something for making Boruto & Kawaki’s relation better. We are expecting to see some emotional moment between both of them.

Talking about Karma, this will be also another talking point in this chapter. We might get to know more about Karma from Kawaki for sure. This also brings to notice that the next chapter after 28 will be focused on their training. Sasuke, who had been seen in the chapter yet is expected to be seen in later chapters soon.

Release Date: 

This has been confirmed that Boruto Chapter 28 will be released on 20 October, which means we have to wait for a whole month for the next chapter to be released.