Boruto Chapter 27 Release Date & Spoiler


Boruto Chapter 27 release date

Boruto Chapter 27: The Breakdown of negotiation

Release Date:  21 September 2018

Status: Aired

Note: Boruto chapter 27 is aired. You can enjoy reading the manga in official Manga streaming websites. 

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I will have to say this, Boruto Episode 26 was quite interesting. We saw how Naruto bring Kawaki to his house so that he could have an eye on him and also investigate about Karma & Kara group. Boruto is worried that Kara group will come to rescue him, hence he would need necessary information before anything happens.

This chapter 26 clearly shows that Boruto is way more powerful than Jugan. So, what can we expect in Boruto chapter 27? Will Boruto will investigate or will he keep Kawaki in his house. Let’s find out.

Note: Episode 27 is delayed and will be published on 21 September. 

Boruto Chapter 27 Spoiler: 

It has become quite clear that, with Kawaki’s presence, Boruto is not that happy. We saw how Kawaki breaks Himawari’s vase, because of which Boruto is pissed. Chapter 27 will be more focused on how Boruto & Kawaki relation. As we all know that both of them hate each other to the core, we might see how these two face each other.

Talking about Naruto, he will definitely be investigating on Kawaki, his Karma & Kara Group. It is obvious, as that’s the only reason why Kawaki is here. We might see how Boruto & Kawaki is going through the tough time spending time with each other.

What we really want to know is how Boruto & Kawaki will learn to use Karam & what is the secret of Karma.

One this is sure that Naruto & Jugan fight will be seen in the future chapters & both being powerful, it is obvious that we might see an intense battle. We might also get to see more of Kawaki’s past in Chapter 27.