Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 21 Review


My Hero Academia Episdoe 21

In My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 21, we saw how the examiner test students ability working as a team in such extreme conditions. To make it much tougher, they add in the Gang Orca, professionals so that they could test how these students could manage to resue & save the citizens at the same time.

Everyone gets crazy seeing Gang Orca & it becomes really hard to manage the hostages & the villains at the same time. We see how over 100 examinees are examining the test to evaluate the failes.

By the time they think of doing anything, the enemies attack them & the real battle begins. Shindo takes the lead by his earthquake move, but Kugo Sakamata attacks him back with no effect on him. By the time Kugo reaches to the hostages, Todoroki attacks him with his Ice Quirk & then Yorashi with his wind. (modafinil price pharmacy)

Apart from the Licence exam we also saw how Yorashi hates Endeavor for an incident in the past. Because of which Yorashi has grudge against Todoroki & which lead to lack of teamwork fighting against Kugo. But at the end, we see how both of them realize it and use a combined attack of Wind and Fire to stop Kugo. What was more surprising was to see Todoroki to use Ice and Fire Quirk at the same time.

The final attack Midoriya stop the exams with the final blow. We see how everyone gets through the exam. The episode was the end of the Licencing exam & from hereon the new arc will start. In the trailer, we saw that the My Hero Academia episode 22 will talk more about Midoriya’s Quirk. Talking about the next, Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 22  which is titled, “A Talk About Your Quirk” will be released next week.