Black Clover Manga Chapter 226 Release Date & Spoiler – Aasta in huge Trouble


Black Clover Chapter 226

As expected, Aasta and the other do have to fight the queen. But, we did not expect to see Gaja. Gaja is another member of the Heart Kingdom. What was more surprising is how Aasta was dragged to the queen. On the other hand, Noelle has to fight Gaja who is extremely powerful. We hope that you might also have such similar questions too. Hence, we are here to discuss about Black Clover Manga Chapter 226 Spoiler. Also, we are going to see by when will Black Clover Manga 226 Release.

Black Clover Chapter 226 Spoiler 

Now, few things to notice from Black Clover Chapter 225 are why would the queen wait for Aasta’s demon and what will Noelle be able to overcome Gaja. It looks like Gaja was already aware of the upcoming. So, is this some kind of test to get in the heart kingdom? We are not sure.

But by the end of the chapter, we saw the Queen similar to Noelle’s avatar saying that she was waiting for the demon. Now, things are getting interesting. Aasta who is not at all aware of what is going to happen will have to faceoff the Queen who controls the entire country with her magic.

We think that Black Clover Manga Chapter 226 will be focused on how the Black Bulls win & get into the Heart Kingdom. This is surely a test that Aasta and others are going through. We believe that this is how the Heart Kingdom test if the people arriving are real demon or not.

We are not sure if Noelle will get to know about her mother or the devil. To know everything we will have to wait for the next chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 226 Release Date

We are sure that there is no delay on Black Clover CHapter 226 as of now. According to the schedule, this chapter is going to release on 26th Oct 2019. But, if we find any update on this, we will update you here.

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