Black Clover Manga Chapter 190 Release Date, Spoiler Raw Scan


It seems that Black Clover Manga is coming to an end and now in the new chapter we might see captain Yami and Jack. Aasta and the Black Bulls got Gauche and Marie back and now they are on the way to Captain Yami. But there been a discussion between our team that in Black Clover Chapter 190 we might see the battle between Elf with the Royal Captains.

Black Clover Chapter 190

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This has also been confirmed that Asta is going to play a very important role (as we all already know). His demon power and an anti-magic sword will come handy to stop the Elves. Now let’s discuss what we could expect from Black Clover Chapter 190.

Black Clover Chapter 190 Spoiler

After Black Bulls battle with Gauche and Marie, they are finally heading towards Captain Yami. Whereas the Royal captains are still having their battle somewhere in the Kingdom. There is a lot of possibilities that we could see other captains too.

Now everyone is just focused on just one thing and that is defeating the elves and getting back their friends. We will not see Asta and other in this chapter but will be more focused on Captain Yami and Jacks battle with Litch and elves. We are quite sure that Asta and others will show their presence when Yami is at an extream state.

We are quite excited to see Yami in action and how Jack will face the other Elve. You can share your thought on what you think about Black Clover chapter 190.

Black Clover Chapter 190 Release Date

After such long waiting, we finally get to see Black Clover chapter 189 and the good news is that there’s no delay for the next chapter. Black Clover Chapter 190 will get its release on 25th January 2019.