Black Clover Manga Chapter 188 Release Date, Spoiler and RAW


Black Clover chapter is getting quite interesting and now we are about to see Gauche and Marie fighting against the Black Bulls. The only aim for Black Bulls is to save Gauche and her sister without harming them. Black Clover Manga Chapter 188 is going to be another exciting chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 188

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In the previous chapter 187, we saw how Henry, Grey, and Gordon come and save Aasta. If they weren’ there, we could surely see Aasta dead. Even after getting into his Demon form, Aasta is still having a tough time fighting the Elf.

There is something that Henry is planning of and what it is, we will get to know about Black Clover Manga Chapter 188. If you want to know more about this chapter, keep reading. This article might contains spoiler. (

Black Clover Chapter 188

One thing that is sure that any of the members won’t be looking at the mirror or Marie’s eyes. Now the bigger challenge here is that how Aasta and others will be able to defeat Droit and Ecra (Elf form of
Gauche and Marie). There is a huge possibility that Henry do have something to defeat them.

It is most probabely said that Henry knows something that could help the black bull to defeat them. There is a lot of possibility that we could see an end of the battle between Black Bulls and Droti and Ecra by this chapter.

The only thing that’s surprising here is how would they manage to get through thir magic without looking at their eyes. This surely difines something really intersting coming in Black Clover Manga 188.

Black Clover Chapter 188 Release Date

For those who are eagerly waiting for the chpater, would like to know that Black Clover Manga Chapter 188 willl gets its release in January 3rd 2019. This chapter is going to Black Clover’s first Chapter of new year.

Being the first chapter of 2019, we are also expecting a clolored page, but nothing as such is confirmed. If you have anything to ask, feel free to ask it in the comment below.