Black Clover Episode 9 review


Hey what’s up guys, I’m back with another episode review of Black Clover. Episode 9 aired today and here is my Black Clover Episode 9 review.

My Review

I think its the anime fault in this episode, they didn’t do good in this episode. I mean for manga readers everything is clear but for us who always wait for the anime episode, they just didn’t do us justice. The episode was titled as Beast, they refer Beast to the unknown individuals who entered the village looking for the magic stone and cause the chaos everywhere in the town and also did hurt the civilians.

Now if you have watched the episode you know I’m annoyed with Asta’s unnecessary yelling but more than that his senior also joined him in excessive unnecessary yelling. He was yelling about, always protect the one who is in need is what man’s do and stuff like that. Come-on we have heard it so many times, not in this but in most of the animes. The thing is that characters in this series are very stereotypes and that’s why I get annoyed sometimes.

This episode was kind of boring to me, I don’t know about you but I definitely get bored. The whole backstory thing, I did not care for it. This episode was basically about Magna and his story other than that we heard a little about the magic stone but nothing more than that.

At the end of the episode, Noelle learned a new magic spell (not interested in that) just for the sake of plot build up in the next episode. As in the next episode, we might be seeing her destructive power that she can’t control. If they showed the reason or the story behind how she get to learn this new spell would be nice and enjoyable but this, getting a new spell out of nowhere is not just what I care about.

It’s not like I didn’t like the series, well it’s not one of my favorites but it is doing just fine. Though, to be honest this episode was the least entertaining episode in my opinion. I expected a nice and long introduction of these Beasts but that didn’t happen nor did we get some solid information about the magic stone that they are searching for.