Black Clover Episode 8 review


Let me say one thing first, I can see things way beyond than anyone and today’s episode of Black Clover proved it. Recently I posted a prediction of Black Clover episode 8 and if you have read it you know what I mean. The episode is titled as Go..Go..First Mission and it consist of scenes that I discussed in my prediction post. Not that being said let just start with Black Clover Episode 8 review.

My Review

The main purpose of this episode is to introduce Asta and Noelle with their first mission. They are newbies and to guide them, to accompanying them their senior Magna was going with them (just like I said in my prediction). The first best scene from the episode was when Magna described Asta and Noelle their first mission and also when we get to see his cyclone (his flying broom).

Being a magician or being a sorcerer, flying on a broomstick is what we have seen from very back of the days. Similarly, these magicians use broomsticks to fly and travel. Now, in this case, Asta doesn’t pose any magic which means he can fly a broomstick and Noelle can’t control her magic and that’s why she didn’t use the broomstick to fly. The only one left was Magna and to be honest his broomstick is on another level, it is unique and pretty cool too. Also, it becomes their main mode of transport as well as Asta and Noelle can’t fly on their own.

Now whats interesting in this is that both Asta and Noelle come from a different background but more or less they are same. Their dynamic is very interesting. Noelle comes from a very high society while Asta belongs to an orphanage but still individually they both are more alike.

So now let’s talk about their first mission, it was a pretty simple mission on paper as they have to go on a Boar hunting. But we see by the end of the episode is that there will be trouble ahead. This mission is not that simple as it seems on paper.

At the destination of their first, mission Asta and the team face an individual backed up by three other individuals covered in a Cloak. These new people are looking for some kind of relics, magical relics and we might expect some action there as they look likes psycho. We don’t know their motives yet but we can expect some good action in upcoming episodes.