Black Clover Episode 7 review


By reading several posts on Twitter and by watching Black Clover every week I can say it’s getting better with every progressing episode. I have already done the review of episode 6 and now it’s time for another episode review. Episode 7 was released today and here are my Black Clover Episode 7 review.

My Review

If you ask me which episode was better, episode 6 or episode 7. I can easily say that it was episode 7. Both the episodes were very simple Black Bull was the main focus or main context you may say in both the episodes. In this episode after getting accepted by Blak Bulls Asta introduced to the other members of the guild. All the characters were pretty common and we have seen characters like there in several anime and manga, nothing special there.

It’s not like I don’t want to know more about them, I do want that. I want to know their backstories and their powers but it is just they all are pretty common and I kind of already knew what they are capable of. Though I’m curious to know more about Yami more than other lead characters.

Now there is one more character I wanted to talk about Noelle, she is introduced in the recent episode and she is very pretty. She is a royalty, she is from one of the royal family and not being accepted is one of her weakness. I like her, I like her personality and she is far more interesting than many other characters. She got a problem in which she can control her power, she is powerful but she has to learn that. She is the main character and she got the problem and I liked it. I like the main character having a problem and then he/she try to overcome that throughout the series.

Other than that the thing about Asta and his big sword which can cut through anything. Moreover, his sword works as a magic nullifying toll as well. He can completely nullify the magic attack of his opponent if he wants with the help of his big sword. His sword is not just working attack but also works as a shield for him. Imagine what he can do with that, he is good at close combats but now he can also work on long-distance attacks.

So the episode was fine and as I say it’s getting better with every passing episode. Now we have to wait for the next episode to see what happens next.