Black Clover Episode 61 – Spoiler & Release Date


Black Clover Episode 61:

Release Date: 4 December 2018

Status: Released

Black Clover Episode 61

Black Clover Episode 61 is around the corner and everyone is quite excited to watch Fanna’s encounter with Mars. In the last Episode 60, we saw how Mars comes to save his teacher. On the other hand, Asta is fighting Fanna & now we would be seeing Fanna encounter with Mars.

For those who have already read the manga, might already know the status, but watching an anime is a different experience. In this post, we are going to talk about Black Clover Episode 61.

Black Clover Episode 61 Spoiler: 

As Mars is going to save his teacher and other, we will finally see Fanna meeting Mars in this episode. Fanna being under the Elf’s control, we will be seeing Aasta’s helping Mars to get Fanna back.

During the battle, we will see how Ladros & Fanna fight together against Fanzell & others. Whereas, the witch queen will be seeing all of this & will get surprised to see Asta’s new power. In this episode, we are finally going to see Asta to un-do the Elf magic and getting back Fanna to consciousness.

Black Clover Episode 61 is titled “The Promised World” where it is highlighted to Mars & Fanna’s promise from the early time. This episode will bring an end to the arc, but Episode 62 will be on how the Witch Queen tries to get Aasta’s power. By the end of the episode, we will be seeing Ladros defeat & Witch Queens presence.

Black Clover Episode 61 Release Date: 

Black Clover Episode 61 will get a release on 4th December 2018 & with this episode, we will get to see an end to the fight between the Elf, the Diamond Kingdom with Aasta. With the end of one Arc, the episode will start a new Arc of the Witch Queen v/s Aasta, which will be seen in Episode 62.

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