Black Clover Episode 58 Spoiler – Aasta Recovers His Arm


Black Clover Episode 58

Black Clover Episode 58: The Battlefield Decision

Release Date: 13 November 2018

Status: Aired

Everyone was waiting for Black Clover Episode 57 & to see Aasta’s visit to the Witch forest. As expected we saw Aasta & others fighting against the Witch-queen to get Vanessa. The fight between Witch Queen and Aasta was about to start, but we see the Diamon Kingdom along with the Eye of The Midnight Sun attacks the forest.

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Talking about Black Clover Episode 58 we are going to see Aasta & Fanzell fighting against them. In this Article, we are going to see the Spoiler for Episode 58 & also will the release date for the chapter.

Black Clover Episode 58 Spoiler:

We are yet to see if the Queen will use the magic spell to recover Aasta’s Arm & also we will be seeing Salamander. Fana is the only person to use the Magic of the Spirit & in this episode we will finally witness Salamanders true power.

We will see some good friends moment between Aasta & Vanessa when he tries to undo the magic with his Anti-Magic sword. Now, talking about the Witch Queen she agrees to heal Aasta’s arm but with the only condition to take Vannesa & Aasta’s power.

The only reason the Diamon Kingdom attacks the Witch forest is to makes the witches their slave. On the other hand, The Eye of The Mind Night Sun members is there to take revenge for Vetto’s death. This episode will give an opening to another epic battle in the Black Clover Series. Also, we will see Aasta’s more improved arm from the Queens Magic.

Black Clover Episode 58 Release Date:

Talking about the release date, this episode is expected to release on 13-November, whereas the Raw version will release on 12 November. If there is any change in the schedule, then we might update you here.