Black Clover Episode 57 Preview Leaked


If you have read our last episode on Black Clover Episode 57, then you already know that this episode is going to be about Witches Forest. We are going to see Aasta & Fanzell going along with other to the forest to recover Aasta’s arm.

If you have read  Manga, then you might be aware that Vanessa is already knew the cure and when to take from the Witch Queen. But we all know that Manga & Anime episode are quite different in terms of story and obviously animation. Today Omnitos has leaked Black Clover Episode 57 preview before its release.

Black Clover Episode 57 Preview

This preview also confirms that we are going to see the Eye Of the Midnight Sun member in the episode. This episode will also bring the Diamond Kingdom member attacking the Witches Forest. During this, we will see Aasta making a deal with the Witch Queen to leave Vanessa.

Update: This Episode is released. Know more updated about Black Clover here,