Black Clover Episode 56 Release Date & Spoiler


Black Clover Episode 56: The Man Named Fanzell Continued

Release Date: 30 October

Status: Aired

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Black Clover Episode 56

It was really nice to see Black Clover Episode 55, where we see the journey of Aasta & Fanzell’s friendship. As the title suggests it clearly says that the Fanzell story is going to extend a bit.

In this Article, we are going to discuss more Episode 56th Release Date & Spoiler, so that you guys have a clear idea of what you can expect to see. If you want to know more about Black Clover, keep visiting us.

Warning: This Article contains Spoiler.


Looking at the preview and Title, it has become clear that even episode 56 is going to be about Fanzell, but it is not going to continue the same story. In this Episode, we will see Fanzell’s journey on finding Dominante and where he meets Aasta Again.

This Episode will show how he will be meeting Aasta again but in a Black Bull team. This Makes it obvious on how he knows Noelle Silva & Finral Roulacase.

We will be seeing how Aasta and other Black Bull members will fight against the Diamon Kingdom warriors who are again Fanzell. In this episode, it is also expected to see on how Aasta helps Fanzell to meet Dominante.

Also, this episode will show the reason why Mariella joined hands with Fanzell. We will see how Aasts and his team members fight hands on hands with Aasta.

Release Date:

Black Clover Episode 56 will release on 30 October on their official timing & this episode is expected to be the last filler episode the new Arc.