Black Clover Episode 52 – Release Date & Spoiler


Black Clover Episode 52

Black Clover Episode 52: “Whosoever’s Strongest Wins”

Release Date: 02 – October 2018

Note: This episode is Black Clover Season 2 Episode 1

Status: Aired

Update: The Episode is aired. Enjoy watching it on legal streaming sites.

Black Clover Episode 51 is out & this episode is the end of Season 1 & Season 2 will be released on 2nd October, which means the next week. The Episode is titled “Whosoever’s Strongest Wins” clearly indicates that there will a fight between the Golden Dawn & the Diamond Kingdom magician’s. But, who will it be?

It was quite interesting to see Yuno in action after a long time & he blows away his opponent in just one wind blow. By the end of episode 51, we saw William Vangeance & Langris Vaude in the end who are in the field to stop the chaos. Also, we saw that Captain Yami will be joining the field too.

In this Article, you are going to witness what’s going to happen in the next episode. If you are one of those who don’t like Spoilers, then would check more about Black Clover and other animes here.

Black Clover Episode 52 Spoiler:

As the title, this episode will be about to know who is powerful. In the initial of the battle we will be seeing Yuno facing against Lagus & Brocks. Where all the citizens are in danger, Lagus takes the advantage of it by throwing his strongest magic thunder arrow towards him. But, Golden dawn being the strongest order, Yuno repels Lagus magic to him & at the same time penetrates through his strongest defence.

Whereas, on the other side of the battle, we will see Langris fighting with Yaogos. This will be one interesting scene, as we are going to see Langris magic for the first time.

The most interesting part to see will be William’s fighting. We will be seeing how he uses his magic to suck all the magic from the battlefield & make a gigantic tree. To defeat him, we will be seeing  Brocks attacking him, but nothing will change. During this battle we wi be seeing Captain Yami’s appearance saving William.

Release Date:

As this is the first episode of Season 2, then we are already aware that the episode will release in 2nd October.