Black Clover Episode 51 – The Final Episode


Black Clover Episode 51

Black Clover Episode 51: Proof of Rightness

Release Date: 25 Sept

Status: Aired

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Note: The Episode is aired. Request you to watch this anime in legal streaming websites. 

Black Clover Episode 51, is the final episode of Season 1 and this episode will be the sum of everything that has happened till now & will also show about the upcoming story too.

In the previous episode 50, we saw how the Black Bulls get the Magic Stone and at the same time, we saw them heading towards their base. With Captains Yami statement to Aasta, it has become clear that now Aasta will be more focused in his training & what he aims to be. It was quite obvious the Black Bulls to be praised by everyone from the Sea Bed temple.

In this Article, let’s discuss what is going to happen in the new episode & by when can we expect the episode to be released.


As per the preview of Episode 51, we are going to see how everyone takes rest in their base & at the same time excited to go for their next mission. It has become clear to everyone that the Black Bulls has become more powerful than they were back then.

We will also see Yami giving handing over the Magic Stone to Julius Novachrono, the Magic Emperor. At the same time, we see some Magic Knights member, which we believe are there to ask for the Magic Stone.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 51, will be aired on 25 Sept next week on their official timing. If there is any delay in the release date, we will update you here.

When is the Season 2 Releasing:

There has been no official date for the release date of Black Clover Season 2, but it has been confirmed that the episode will release on October. We are expecting that the Season 2 will be aired from the first week that is on 3-Oct. We are yet to get the official confirmation on the release date of the Season 2.