Black Clover Episode 50 – End Of Battle


Black Clover Episode 50

Black Clover Episode 50: “End Of Battle, End of Despair”

Release Date: 18 – Sept 2018

Status: Aired

Note: The episode has been aired today on 18 Sept

The Seabed Temple Arc has finally come to an end & as said earlier it was quite interesting to see Aasta’s new power. His new power clearly indicates the power of the devil. Caption Yami was quite surprised to see Aasta in that form.

By the end of Episode 49, we saw Aasta and other surpassing their limit to gives an end to Vetto. According to our Spoiler, we finally saw Captian Yamis appearance in this episode, & cut Vetto in 2 to stop his final destruction magic.

Black Clover Episode 50 is expected next week & in a couple of episodes, the Season 1 of Black cover will come to an end. This EP 50 will just the final goodbye to the Seabed people. In this Article, we will see what we can expect from Episode 50. If you have anything to share regarding this Episode, you can add the comment below to start the conversation.


If you are expecting more action, then let me tell you that nothing like this is going to happen. Episode 50 is going to be more about summing up everything and making promises. In this episode, we will see how the priest will give the magic stone to the Black Bulls.

We will be seeing Kiato & Kahono will promise Aasts & Noelle of recovering & pursuing their dream of becoming a dancer and singer. Along with this, we will also be seeing past about Litch & Eye of the Midnight Sun.

It is quite obvious that the whole activity will be reported to the Kingdom. We are still wondering on how Aasta will be using his new power in the future episodes. We are also expecting a new additional Episode in the first season, which can be an opening for the Season 2.

Release Date: 

The release date for Black Clover Episode 50 will be 18 Sept according to their official timing. If there is any change in the schedule, we will keep you posted here.