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Title: Black Clover Episode 5- “The Black Bulls”
Release date:  31-October-2017
Original Maker: Yūki Tabata

Once again here I’m with another review of Black Clover. So I just watched the latest episode of Black Clover and here is my Black Clover Episode 5 review.

My Review

One of the simplest episodes of the series, as we already know they are giving Magical Knight entrance exam to show their magic and physical skills so that they can join a guild or group which will teach them how to get better. In this episode, we get to see both of them joining a separate guild. Asta went with the Black Bulls while Asta goes with Golden Dawn.

The part where Guilds were choosing their new team members it was all expected. When the guild has to pick Yuno almost every hand in the arena was up offering Yuno the membership to their guild. Though when it comes to Asta it was all expected, cliche, as on his turn no tried to accept him in his guild. However, he gets his entry in Black bulls. Seems pleasing right? But it isn’t, Black Bull is considered as the worst guild/squad in the entire Magic Knight organization.

Now I’m excited to see what and how Asta is going to perform in this group. Well, he is certainly going to help the Guild to gain some reputation. But how he is going to do that? Well, I might be wrong but that’s what I think we are going to see in the later stage of the series.

As I said earlier this episode was pretty simple and nothing much to talk about this particular episode. All we saw in the episode was Asta and Yuno choosing their own path to reach their Goals. Being part of a different group opens the door for different adventures for both of them. And we might also enjoy their journey to become the Wizard King.