Black Clover Episode 49 – Vetto’s End


 Black Clover Episode 49

Black Clover Episode 49: Beyond Limit!

Release Date: 11-Sept

Status: Aired

I believe that everyone had really enjoyed the Black Clover Episode 48. It was really mind-blowing to see Aasta, Finral & Vanessa fighting together with such an intense feel and force to bring down Vetto. By the end of Episode 48, we saw now Aasta stabs him with his no magic sword. But did not expect to see Grey, Charmy_Pappitson & Gauche Adlai.

With this intense actions scenes, it is quite obvious that the next Black Clover Episode is going be the next level. The reason why I am saying this is because Vetto is not yet dead.

So, let’s discuss what will you see in Black Clover Episode 49.

Spoiler Alert:

Yes! if you think that Vetto is dead with that attack, then you are wrong. If you remember how Yami tells everyone that Vetto is giving you the opportunity so that he can catch a hold on you as you give him an open had. Vetto has given Aasta an open opportunity to stab the sword inside in his stomach so that he can take Aasta’s sword to defeat everyone.

In Episode 49 you will see how Aasta along with other will kill Vetto. You will see how Vanessa saves Aasta to get away from Vetto’s punch. Then we will be seeing how Aasta & other crosses his limit and kills Vetto with his last hit.

Note: In Black Clover Episode 49, we will see Aasta’s new Demon Power form that Vetto identifies during his battle. 

Release Date:

The release date for this episode is not yet confirmed, but we are expecting that episode will come put on his official timing. We are expecting the episode to be released on 11 Sept, but will still wait to get official confirmation. We are also hoping to see Yami to enter the battle in this episode.

Note: This Episode is Aired. You can watch the episode on streaming websites.