Black Clover Episode 49 Will Unveil Aasta’s New Power


Black Clover Seabed Arc is getting interesting day by day. In the last chapter 48 we saw how Aasta and other manage to beat Vetto, but looking at the Spoiler that Vetto has got himself stabbed on purpose to take Aasta’s sword. It has become quite clear that Black Clover Ep 49 is going to take a new twist.

By the time we were looking for some more information on this episode. we came across Crunchyroll Black clover video teasing about Aasta’s new demon power.

We had already discussed Aasta’s new power but we were not sure about what those power were. Looking at the trailer it becomes clear that Aasta is going to acquire the most epic devil from his 5 clover book. The power looks quite dope on Aasta. We see how a black shadow with a one-sided wings covering Aasta’s half body. It seems that this power he will develop a powerful Ki which will make him undefeatable.

Whereas the release dates are concerned, we are expecting to see the EP 49 by next week on 11th Sept, but if there is an update on the schedule we will keep you posted. We would also like to appreciate if you could share us some information if you come across any.