Black Clover Episode 48 Will Introduce new Character – Langris Vaude


Finral Black clover

Black clover Episode 48 is expected to be out tomorrow & today Yūki Tabata reveled a new character, “Langris Vaude”. Vaude will be playing the role of Rangirs in episode 48 said the source. Ishikawa commented “I pray that he is strong with pride and he plays with all his strength, so please do it!

The new character will play Finral brother who is superior to him in every aspect. Apart from this, he is the deputy head coach at Golden Dawn.

He will be debut in Black clover episode 48, “Despair VS Hope” which will be aired on 4th Sept, tomorrow. We are not sure is role in this Episode, but  it is quite obvious that he will be pampering his brother for all the work he will be doing.

This also confirms that the Vetto’s Arc will also be finish in Episode 48, which means we might see a all new Arc in Black Clover.