Black Clover Episode 48 – Don’t miss it


Black Clover Episode 48: Despair Vs. Hope

Release Date: Sep 04, 2018

Status: Aired


If you have watched Black Clover Episode 47, then you will definitely agree with my title. Black Clover Episode 48 is what everyone was eagerly waiting for and as mentioned on our last spoiler,  that the initial battle between Vetto & the Trio will take place in EP 47. It was so epic to watch how Aasta hits the blow to Vetto. With this, it becomes clear that the Black Clover Episode 48 is what no one should really miss. This episode will have the most intense battle on the season till now.

In this article, we going to see spoiler and release date for this hyped Ep 48. We will see how Aasta, Finral & Vanessa will overcome their limits and beat up Vetto & will also see Vetto’s ultimate form.

Black Clover Episode 48 Spoiler: 

The most epic scene was how Aasta’s gives the powerful blow to Vetto’s face which will definitely make him mad. We will see how Vetto becomes mad at the Trios & with this starts the intense battle between them.

During their battle, we will see how Vetto figures out their style & tries to get through their attack. As soon as this happens Aasta, Finral & Vanessa increases their speed & attack Vetto and gives him some serious damage. This whole battle scenario will blow away everyone mind & at the same time, we will see how the Trios overpass their limits & overpower the monster.

We are not yet sure if this will be the last episode of the Underwater temple arc, but it is quite sure that we will see the ultimate form Aasta, Finral & Vanessa. Rumors say that the fight between Vetto & the Trio will continue till Epidose 49.

Release Date

The good thing is that the episode is not been delayed for a week hence the excitement is just a week away. Black Clover Episode 48 will be released on 4-September 2018.