Black Clover Episode 47 – Release Date & Spoiler


Black Clover Episode 47: The Only Weapon” / Yuiitsu no Buki” / (唯一の武器)

Black Clover Episode 46 is out & we saw how Noelle uses his ultimate power & ripoff Vetto’s arm. But, Vetto surprises everyone by regrowing his arm and opening his 3rd eye. There is no doubt that is the power of the devil. We can expect Black Clover Episode 47 in next week. This episode is going to showcase the initiative by Aasta, Noelle, Finral & Vanessa fighting together to kill Vetto.


What Can we expect from Black Clover Episode 47?

You will see the most brutal form of Vetto, where Aasta will be standing against him. In the meantime, we will see how Vanessa comes into the picture & then Finral.

In this episode of Black Clover, we will see how all three of them (Aasta, Finral & Vanessa) attack Vetto with their new combine combat attack. We will be seeing how Finra uses his teleporting magic to make Aasta move from one place to another & Vanessa using her thread magic to make Aasta move in pace to attack Vetto.

There will be an intense battle in Episode 47. We are not sure if this would be an end of Vetto, but we are quite sure that it will be the toughest situation for Vetto to fight against this trio.

Black Clover EP 47 Release Date: 

Black Clover Episode 47 will be released next week on 28th August. There are no changes in the plan yet, but if there is any we would inform you. Black Clover EP 47 is going to be the most intense battle between the Black Bull trio against Vetto.