Black Clover Episode 45 – An Intense Battle Is About To Come


Black Clover Episode 45: The Guy Who Doesn’t Know When To Quit

Release Date: 15- August (Expected)

Status: Released

The Black Clover Episode 44 is already out and it gives a pre-buzz of the intense battle in episode 45. We saw how Magan & Lucy fights hard with Vetto. This is the first time we saw Magan & Lucy in this intense action. It seems that both of them have given their 100% to get down Vetto. At the end of the episode, we saw how both of them combines their magic & gives a close combat to Vetto.


With the attack, it is sure that Vetto might have got some effect on him & in the Black Clover Episode 45, we might see Aasta & others to get involved in the battle. This is a clear indication that Episode 45 is going to contain some intense battle.

If you have read the manga, then you know what I’m talking about. In the Black Clover Episode 45 we will see how Aasta & Kiato gets involved in the battle with Vetto, where Magan & Lucy is already down. The Vetto & Black Bull’s fight is not going to end in this episode, we might see the fight to extend to episode 46.

This EP 45 will be focused more on Aasta & Kiato, where Kahono & Noelle battle might end up soon. by the end of this episode, we will see how Aasta, Noelle, Finral & Vanessa get together in the battle in. This battle is going to be intense, as we see ho Finral will help Aasta & Vanessa with his teleporting power for a direct hit to Vetto.

As the name suggested, “The Guy Who Doesn’t Know When To Quit” clearly indicated to Aasta, which means Episode 45 will be focused on Aasta and his battle with Vetto. We know that Kiato will lose his leg and Kahono her voice. We believe the next episode will be more focused on how Aasta crosses his limits to take a hit on Vetto & in Episode 46 we might see how the Black Bull team takes down Vetto.