Black Clover Episode 45 – Grey’s True Form


Black Clover Episode 45 is out & we saw how Aasta & Kiato fight against Vetto. As per our this episodes spoiler, we saw how Aasta will be getting the 2nd Sword. On the other hand, we also saw how another fight against other Eye of the Midnight Sun members.

Black Clover episode 45

But, here we are going to talk about Grey. In the entire Black Clover Episode, we never saw Grey’s true form. Whereas we had been seeing Grey as a Fat man in the Academy & then copying others with his magic. In Black Clover Episode 45 we saw his true form.

The Episode 45 reveals that Grey is actually a Girl. It was always expected to consider Grey as a Guy, but what we saw was unexpected. I personally don’t remember if we have seen Grey’s true form in Manga. The one who really was excites was Charmy.

Now talking about the Episode, it had a lot of action (obviously) & also we get to see how does Vetto takes down everyone who comes in. In this episode, we saw how Noelle & Kahono joins the battle and save Aasta.

What Can we expect from Black Clover Episode 46?

In episode 46, we will see how Noelle & Kahono gets into the battle with Vetto. It would be really tough for both of them to get him. By the end of the episode, we might see how Aasta, Noelle, Finral & Vanessa enters the battle to defeat Vetto.