Spoiler Alert – Black Clover Episode 44 – Vetto V/S Black Bull


Episode: Black Clover Episode 44

Release Date: 7 August

Episode name: The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning

Black Clover episode 45

As seen at our last Black Clover Episode 43 spoiler, everything was as similar as what we have said. Today Episode 43 got aired and we saw how Vetto enters the battle during Luck Voltia & Magna Swing were battling against the Temple priest. Now, with Vetto, the fight is going to be intense.

If you are one of those, who don’t like spoilers, then would request you to wait until the Episode 44 is out.

Black Clover Episode 44 Spoiler:

As we know that Vetto has entered the battle to get the magic stone & he is quite powerful than Luck Voltia & Magna Swing. In the initial of the Episode, you will see how both of them gets beaten by Vetto.

Now everyone knows that Vetto is here. We will also see how Aasta and Noelle along with Kahono & Kiato will battle against Vetto. Vetto being strong, it becomes tough for them to even put a scratch on him. During the battle, you will see how Kahono & Kiato will loose their voice & leg.

Kahono, knows that Aasta is quite injured, hence she does a treatment to make him back to power. You will also see how Gifso enters the battle & gets defeated in an intent.

One of the major thing that we will see in this Episode is an amazing team work with Black Bull. You will see how Aasta, Noelle, Finral & Vanessa will battle against Vetto. We will not see the whole battle between them. There are high chances that the battle between Black Bull &  Vetto will take place in the Black Clover episode 45.