Black Clover Episode 42 Review


As expected we saw Gifso in Episode 42 of Black Clover & in Episode 43 we might see Kiato too. Said by us, Gifso seems to be perverted in nature, but at the same time mischievous too. The Episode 42 was how Gifo invites them for a game to fight with the temple warriors & get the magic stones. After watching Episode 42, here is my review of the episode.

Black Clover episode 42

My Review:

The Episode starts with Noelle using her water magic and carrying everyone towards the Seabed Temple. By the time they reach to the Seabed Temple, they come near the gate of the strongest magic region, which becomes a tough task for Noelle, but they all manage to pass through it.

When they are at the last barrier of the temple, Noelle tells Yami that she cannot get through the last magic gate of the Seabed temple & then the captain decides to send Asta to use his anti-magic sword to get through the barrier, which turns to be successful.

As soon as they reach the temple they see Gifso’s shadow and get attacked by a huge water animal, which at the end turns to be Gifso’s magic of illation. He is already aware that the magicians are in the hunt of the magic stone & hence he offers them a game to win to get the magic stone.

After Yami the Captain accepts the challenge, the super priest calls the water temples strongest warrior to battle against the Black Bull individual member to win the magic stone. The team with the highest winner will win the game and can have the magic stone with them.

Episode 43 Expectation:

In episode 43, we will see how all the 9 members are now divided and have to fight individual warriors. Now we have just seen Asta facing the Octopus guy. Later we will see that Asta will be fighting against Kiato in episode 43.

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