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Title: Black Clover Episode 4- “The Magic Knights Entrance Exam”
Release date:  24-October-2017
Original Maker: Yūki Tabata

What should I say now?
Since the very first episode of Black Clover, I had a complaint related to the unnecessary yelling of Asta. Finally… finally Black Clover is back with another episode and thankfully this time with less yelling. Can someone just tell me why he was yelling so much in previous episodes? Well, that’s over, at least for now and watching the episode four was just good. So welcome to my another episode review and here are my Black Clover Episode 4 review.

My Review

As I mentioned above this episode was a simple episode and contains less screaming. The episode is titled as- “The Magic Knights Entrance Exam”. So in this episode, Asta and Yuno go to give their magical knights entrance exam, several other individuals also come to give this exam in order to increase their rank. For Asta and Yuno, it is a very important step to reach their goals of becoming the Wizard King.

Now if I talk about the entrance exam it was what I expect it to be, Yuno was clearing all the test easily while others were struggling and giving their best and doing their own thing to clear the exam but when we look at the Asta he was just failing every single one of them. But that was until we reached the combat part of the exam, in the later part of the episode where every one of them has to show their combat skills, Asta was just doing great, no holdback and with his big sword, he was passing with flying colors.

In the fighting scene, I don’t know about you but I didn’t expect it to be an amazing one. I knew that Asta will end it up with just a single attack. Still, it was nice to see his big sword again. The guy he beat up in the combat round was Sake, he is a new introduction to the series and other than him there are many other new characters were introduced to the series.

There was nothing much to discuss, though there was a girl with high nobility, her brother is the Captain of swords. He doesn’t care about her existence, her brother is not a cool guy. If you have read my last review of Black Clover I clearly mentioned that this episode is going to decide whether I’m going to follow this series or not. Guess what, it was better than last three episodes. I mean there was nothing new in the fight and story, we have already seen stuff like this but still, it is a nice, entertaining series to watch and follow.

Now let’s see if this less screaming nature of Asta will follow till the next episode or not. Till then have a nice week and enjoy other episode reviews right here at GeekSnipper. I’m your illustrator and now you can follow me on twitter, I’m new here but maybe you can join me and help my clan to survive.

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