Black Clover Episode 39 Spoiler -Three-Leaf Salute


Black Clover Episode 38 was just a tease about the most epic up-coming episodes & Ep 39 is going to be interesting. In Black Clover Episode 39 – “Three Leaf Salute” we are going to find out who is the traitor among the captions & most of us who have read the Manga, already knows it.

In Black Clover Episode 39, the Wizard King is going to revel the name of the traitor. We already know that the Wizard King has gathered all the information from the 2 members of Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Black CLover Episode 39

So who is the Traitor? The traitor is no one but, Kaiser Granvorka from the Purple Orca. Just after knowing the name, he refuses, but everyone knows that Marx’s magic cannot be denied. Knowing there is no option, he uses his magic to escape, but thanks to Asta’s No Magic, he stops him.

The major reason of him becoming the traitor becomes money, but the wizard king has to find out more information into the matter and hence Marx use the same spell to get out everything from Kaiser.

I am quite sure that, after episode 39, the suspense is going to be huge. We might get to know much detail about the Eye of the Midnight Sun in upcoming episodes. We might also see that the Wizard King might send Asta and Yami to the Grand Zone of Magic for the Magic Stone as the king knows that even the Eye of the Midnight Sun gang people are against this.

We just have to wait for the Episode 39 so that we get more clear idea on what is coming in the next episodes.

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