Black Clover Episode 38 – What Can We Expect?


Black Clover Episode 38

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After watching Black Clover Episode 37, I personally had lot of questions in my head and one of those was; who is Licth? & I guess everyone else might have the same question. But, this article is not about that. I am quite excited to know more about The Magic Knight Captain Conference & this is what the episode 38 is titled.

So in Black Clove Episode 38 we are going to see the Magic Emperor summoning all team captions in one place & that is probably to discuss about the Eye of the Midnight Sun gang. One thing we should not forget about is the Magic Emperor has 2 members from the Eye of the Midnight Sun & they might get a lot of Intel from these members.

What I believe is that in Black Clover Episode 38 we could also see some major discussion going regarding Asta and his Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire. This is also one of the major concerns by all Black Clover fans. Licth being so possessive about the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire being with Asta is one of the major debate.  This means that the Grimoire has some connection between Asta & the devils.

One thing here is clear that the Episode 38 is going to have some more insight about the Eye of the Mid Night Sun and in coming few episodes we could see some more light on the secret behind the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire.