Black Clover Episode 37 To Show One Of The Most Epic Battle


black clover episode 37

If you haven’t watched the Episode 36 of Black Clover, then you must watch it & if you have already watched the episode then you know what I am talking about. After watching the Ep 36, I am more excited to see what’s really going to happen in Black Clover Episode 37 & this time it’s going to be epic and will be one of the best episodes ever in Black Clover.

The episode was about to end where Caption Yami is fighting to thev strongest members from Eye of the Midnight Sun and also protecting Asta  & other Black Bull squad members. The Eye of the Midnight Sun members Vetto, Rhya & Fana are said to be the strongest in the Eye Of The Midnight Sun & are fighting against Caption Yami (3 on 1) & the moment comes where all three of them attack with their most powerful magic spells towards Yami  at the same time. The attack looks like the end of Yami until we see a deflection. This is where the actual surprise starts.

Just during the episodes last attach we see the appearance of all three Magic Knight Captions. The three captions Jack the RipperNozel Silva, & Charlotte Roselei. We are not yet aware of their abilities, but it is obvious that all of them are as powerful as Caption Yami.

With this it is quite clear that Black Clover Episode 37 is going be full of actions. In this episode we will be seeing some intense battle. But what’s surprising here is about Gauche Adlai. It is clear that there is come connect between Gauche AdlaiEye of the Midnight Sun, but there is no clear idea about this connection. But what really matters is that episode 37. We will be working on getting spoilers on Episode 37 soon.