Black Clover Episode 37 Spoiler – The One With No Magic


black clover episode 37

We already know the title for the Black Clover Episode 37: “The One With No Magic.” All of us know that the EP 37 is going to be full of actions, and also the title clearly indicates to Asta as he is the only one with No Magic. Considering all these small elements from the story, we already know that in the episode 37 we are suerly going to see Asta in action crossing his  limits. (Klonopin)

The entry of the 3 captions from Magic Knight, Jack the RipperNozel Silva, & Charlotte Roselei is the indication of the battle between the  Eye of the Midnight Sun members Vetto, Rhya & Fana. But, we are forgetting about Patrick and Valtos. They are still lying down, recovering. As Valtos was defeated by Asta & in Episode 37 he will attach Asta to take his revenge and this is when Asta will cross his limits and predict the attack and will stop it.

We have already seen how Asta have surpassed his limits in episode 35 and it is sure that he might get into the battle between the most powerful people in Black Clover. We really can’t define how intense the battle will become in episode 37, but what we could say is that the battle will go insaine.

Now talking about Patrick, he is getting recovered and also this means he might get involved in the battle between Asta and Valtos. We have to wait for a whole week for the episode to come out and if you are one of those who wants to know what’s going to come in episode 37, then stay tunned to know more what’s coming.