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Title: Black Clover Episode 3- “To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom!”
Release date:  17-October-2017
Original Maker: Yūki Tabata

OMG, this is it, I don’t think like Asta when he is doing silly stuff, particularly I don’t like when he speaks in his squeaky voice, I mean he shouts so much. The latest episode of Black Clover was just aired and here is my Black Clover Episode 3 Review.

My Review

Well, I agree that the voice actor gives the life to the anime character but in case of Asta, I’m just not sure. He is so annoying and over-excited in the anime series than the manga. I don’t know if the voice actor is doing it on purpose or it is just happening and he doesn’t know that. But what I know is that this episode was hard to watch for me only because I don’t like Asta shouting every time.

I know some of you must like his voice but to be honest his voice is annoying. Other than that I think now I should start talking about the episode.

This episode begins with scenes of previous wizard king fighting a demon who was a threat to others. It was a fight scene but to it was too short to be a good scene of the episode. (Modafinil) I was expecting a nice amount of action but everything below my expectation, just like in the last episode when Asta killed the demon with just a single swing of his sword. Though, what I’m expecting now is the demon the old wizard king fought with, be the same demon that resides within Asta. Which means we will get to see him again and if that happens it will be super amazing.

If what I just mentioned happen to this series then it will make Black Clover a complete rip-off of Naruto. Just like Naruto, a demon who is a serious danger to the society is sealed inside the body of our main character when he was a little boy. But I can’t be sure right, I mean they can’t copy everything.

Later in the episode, we get to see Yuno and Asta preparing for the tournament their magic knight exam. They train themselves in this episode and in the end, they both took off to give the exam. As it is held in another part of the kingdom. There is nothing else to talk about this episode as that was it.

Though, after watching this I heard it like that this episode was also a filler episode just like the last episode. Now when I think about it like a filler episode, I think it was alright and not-bad. We get to see the original work from the studio who is producing Black Clover and it was nice.

Now just like I mentioned in my first review of Black Clover that I’m not sure about continuing this series this episode did nothing good. I will probably wait for another episode and then I will decide if I’m going to review this series or not. We have to wait for it to see and till then you can enjoy my other reviews related to the magical world of Anime.

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