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Title: Black Clover ep-2, The Boy’s Promise
Release date: October  10, 2017
Original Maker:  Yūki Tabata

Last night another episode of Black Clover was released on crunchy roll. So without further ado let me start with my Black Clover Episode 2 Review.

My Review

As in the last episode, we meet the Asta and Yuno both of them want to become the Wizard King and both are rivals. Now when it comes to this episode, this was pretty much telling us about the reason why Asta and Yuno want to become the Wizard King and why they are so motivated to become the best wizard. They both want to get accepted by the society, in case of Asta why he wants to be the Wizard King is because he want’s to be strong, he wants to be cool and he wants to be accepted by other wizards. On the other hand Yuno, he was powerless and weak in his childhood and watching his brother (not blood-related) growing strong and the spirit of never quite inspired Yuno to become the Wizard King. He admires Asta and he wants to grow strong enough to match or surpass Asta’s abilities. Basically, Yuno wants to be the guy who will save others and not get saved by others like in his past.

The rivalry is kind of good in this show as they both accept each other as their rival. And that’s what helps them to build a great dynamic. They both motivate each other, inspired each other.

In this episode, we saw the fight between Asta and that one-dimensional villain from the end of episode one. Though in just one swing Asta finishes off the Villain and that was it with the fight. My friends who were reading Manga were hyped about this fight but I’m sure they were expecting something different.

One more thing that I love the ending theme of this episode. Black Clover is definitely not the original series but still, we can’t judge it, as it is too soon to do that. I wasn’t sure that if I’m going to review this series but after watching Black Clover Episode 2, I think I’m going to do it. If you also like Black Clover, let me know in the comment section and discuss other new things. Also, if you haven’t watched the first episode of Black clover click on the link below.

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