The episode 19 of Black Clover has arrived and I know many of you were waiting for it. Hope you have watched it by know as here I’m with my Black Clover Episode 19 review.

My Review
I will divide today’s episode into two parts as the first part is pretty creepy and dark while the other part is very emotional. Starting with Mars, the first part showed the complete backstory of Mars. I have to say that the way of describing his backstory was just so amazing. It was scary but enjoyable. The story started with him spending a good time with Fana but then suddenly everything turns red, and it becomes a mess. The scene where blood was spilling all around made me feel like I’m watching a horror anime. The light comedy them that we saw in the last episode was just turned into something very serious. Also, I’ve to say that the sound track worked just perfect to boost the horror effect.

We also get to know that the fire magic ability was transferred to Mars from Fana as she died and the Diamond Kingdom implanted her magic abilities into Mars. Mars was kind of knocked down by Asta in the last episode, but he woke up again. His past and the tragic death of Fana, he woke up, and this time he is, even more, angrier than before. Asta is still not healed; no one got anything to help him. But remember Yuno about get his new powers, well to cut the suspense let me tell that, he can stop time now, with his new magic abilities. Yuno gets kind of a fairy/spirit you just seems to wake up and after analyzing the surrounding. The fairy blew green dust on Mars which knocked him down. This means now Yuno is the strongest with the help of his new power/new fairy he becomes stronger than Asta.

After that everyone came out of the dungeon with the help of Luck’s guidance. As he is the only one who knows the dungeon inside out.

Now to the second part, remember Lotus? He was hiding and trying to get as many golds as possible to fill his treasure. He was also able to escape the Dungeon and saved Mars as well. He collected the cold for his kingdom so that the people of Diamond Kingdom can get good food to eat. It was certainly very emotional to hear it. Klaus attitude also changed towards Asta and Yuno. Also, we get to see another girl adoring our main character Asta. Mimosa somehow generated feeling for Asta.

The episode was pretty enjoying, and all the fans of Back CLover must be very happy after seeing all the 3D animation effects.