Black Clover Episode 12 is already out and I think it was an episode on which people would have mixed opinion. Whatever here is Black Clover Episode 12 review.

My Review

I’m not a Black Clover fan but I still found it interesting. Though to me the first half of this episode was just pointless. There were some parts where I might found myself chuckling but I didn’t find it much amusing. It’s not just me but the synopsis of the episode 12 Black Clover also screaming that there is nothing much to watch in this episode. Luckily the second half of the episode is the part where things get little interesting. The only reason why I find the second half more interesting, just because we see Yuno. Fina,y we are seeing things from Yuno’s perspective just for the second half of the episode. I know Asta is the main lead of this series and he is going to get the more screen time but character development of Yuno is also important and that’s why we finally see Yuno in the second half of the episode.

So the main motive of Yuno’s screen time during the second half of the episode is to let us know how he is doing in his new group. What kind of missions is he going on, how he is growing as a person and what he is learning. Also, the main reason is the Yuno’s character development in the episode so we get to know more about him.
Most of the part in which we see Asta is the comedy, sure he gets serious from time to time but when I think about Asta. All that comes to my mind is the unnecessary comedy. We are at episode 12 already but there is no sign of real progression with Asta’s character.

I don’t know if I’m right or not but from what I assume, we might be seeing a lot more of Yuno in the upcoming episode. As in this episode, he was on a mission of transferring a Nobel. From what I understand this mission seems to be of high-value mission and because of that we might see a lot of him and his character development. I hope in the upcoming episodes the Asta’s unnecessary comedy will get down a notch and we will see his character development as well. Though I have also heard from the sources that there are already a number of filler episodes planned.