Black Clover Episode 107 Spoiler & Release Date – Captain Yami in Action


Black Clover Episode 107

After watching Black Clover Episode 106, it has got confirmed that the real fight starts finally. Licht has finally come to the battlefield and now, things will get quite interesting in Black Clover. On the other hand, we also saw how Sally, Valtos, and Rades came back to life to revenge Licht. After watching Black Clover Episode 107 Preview, it has become clear that Captain Yami and Jack will be seen fighting in this episode. So, for those who want to know what exactly is going to happen in Black Clover Episode 106, in our Spoiler. Apart from that also know Black Clover EP 107 Release date here.

Note: The article below contains Spoiler. 

Black Clover Episode 107 Spoiler

After Licht completed the reincarnation magic, Yami notice a stage light coming out from the ground. This is what will worry Yami a bit. But the time, Yami could think more, he will see Marx and Owen, but in the elves form.

When Yami fights with them, he is worried about the light that appears and find things fishy. He knows that there is something going around in the heart of the kingdom. By the time Yami defeats Marx and Owen, he meets and Elves form of Charlotte Roselei. This is where things will start getting complicated for him.

When Yami is struggling to fight Charlotte, Sol Marron will appear. Now, both Sol and Yami who wants to save Charlotte will fight together. But in the end, Yami will have to use his best magic to not kill, but make Charlotte conscious as she is the most powerful woman he knows.

This is the spoiler for Black Clover 107th Episode. If you have anything to discuss feel free to ask in the comment below.

Black Clover Episode 107 Release Date

Talking about the release date of Black Clover EP 107, it is going release on 29th Oc 19. But, if there is any delay in the episode, then we will inform you here.

Black Clover Episode 107 Preview


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