black-clover episode 10 review

Hey, guy, ‘s I’m back with another Black Clover episode review. Latest episode 10 is available to watch and here is my Black Clover Episode 10 review.

My Review

Directly diving with my review, this episode was portraying the fight many of you must be waiting for. Asta and Magna VS Heath, currently it’s just Asta getting beaten up. Seeing Asta not giving up even after the beating he has got, Magna kind of gets the flashback just by seeing his will to never give up.

black-clover episode 10 review

In the start, Asta tried to hit Heath but wasn’t able to deal much damage and then Magna was using his best spell, the best magic he had to attack Heath. There in that part of the episode, we see a good teamwork between Asta and Magna. Other than that Noelle also managed to control her magic. Noelle is still developing as a character and soon we will surely enjoy her doing magic and stuff. I’m more excited to see other characters in the series rather than seeing Asta. As he is nothing new, he is just like most of the lead characters from different anime. All he want’s to do is to protect people and don’t know how to give up, that’s it.

black-clover episode 10 review

As expected fight didn’t last for another episode and Asta and team, Black bulls basically win against Heath and his team. Heath and few other of his team member kind of commit suicide at the end of the episode and that made Asta really pissed off. The way they treated life was surely not a good way and that’s why Asta gets so angry.

Just like most of the Black Clover episodes Asta’s voice was annoying in this episode at many times. But with each passing episode, I’m kind of generating the capacity to listen to him. Also, we see the Golden Dawn at the end of the episode. I think we are soon going to see the Golden Dawn arc in the series and if that happens surely I’m going to start loving this anime.

So there is nothing more in this episode to talk about. Let’s wait to see what will happen in the next episode of Black Clover, till then take care.