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Title: Black Clover ep-1, Asta and Yuno
Release date: October  3, 2017
Original Maker:  Yūki Tabata


Alright, alright, alright….
The fall season of anime has begun, We got to watch the new season of Gintama yesterday and today there are more on the screen. Sadly, I was busy the whole day and didn’t get the chance to watch all. But let’s see night is still young. Also, I just finished watching the first episode of Black Clover. Well, this one is not what everyone is waiting for some of us are trying to avoid it, at the same time some of us are waiting for it. And after watching this I get to know why a lot of us are ignoring it. Don’t get me wrong I liked it but it is kind of Naruto’s rip-off. It’s like they took several aspects from Naruto and put it into a different setting one way or the other. Now, let me start with my review so that I can tell you what are the similarities in this new anime of this season.

My Review

After watching this episode I can say there are a lot of similarities between Naruto and Black Clover. I mean in black Clover we have Asta our main character who wants to be Wizard King and you know we have Naruto who wants to be Hokage. In Black Clover, we have Yuno who happens to be Asta’s rival and at the same time, he is very calm just like Sasuke. Though Yuno is more accepting Asta as his rival and the reason for this is that they both have the same goal to become Wizard King. This seems to be little different right? But wait Asta seems to be the carbon copy of Naruto except he is more annoying.

Within the first six minutes of the start of Black Clover, Asta was just yelling and yelling and yelling which apparently annoyed me a little. And while watching it I was like somebody please just shut this kid up. Asta certainly didn’t leave a good first impression on me but let’s see what we uncover in the upcoming episode.

Now other than this, the world of Black Clover is run by magic, people can use magic for certain things. For instance, people use magic for harvesting crops and other daily jobs as well. Almost everyone got the magic in this world of Black Clover, some are more efficient than others though.

But wait let me tell you the twist, our main character Asta can’t use magic which is like Doku from Boku No Hero Academia. Of course, his rival can but he is completely powerless. However later in the episode, we see Yuno and Asta arrived at the grimoire rewarding where magic book chooses their user and offer them their power. Now to run the plot Asta didn’t receive any book while on the other hand, Yuno received a “Four Leafe Clover” grimoire which is brought down by the first Wizard King himself. It becomes a scene around there as he got an ancient book.

But when we reach the end of the episode, we see Asta receiving his grimoire book which is a “Five Leafe Clover”. Now according to this series Three Leafe Clover represents Faith, Love, and Hope, while a Four Leafe Clover represents Faith, Love, Hope and Good Luck but a Five Leafe Clover becomes interesting as it represents Faith, Love, Hope, Good Luck and also resides with a demon. So apparently our main character can use demon powers as well. He also gets the Deamon Sword which comes out from the book and that he probably we using while fighting with his enemies and rivals.

It is surely a rip-off but it’s is good too. I enjoyed it and hope you do too. Now waiting for the next episode to see if I want to continue watching it or not.