Black Clover Chapter 234 Release Date & Spoiler – Yuno Is the Price Of Spade Kingdom


Black Clover Chapter 234

It was really unexpected on what we say in Black Clover Chapter 233. In fact, we thought we might see some more about new characters. But, things turned out to be different. If we remember from the last few chapters, about a man who was found unconscious by Sister revealed Yuno’s true identity. And here we are going to see Black Clover Chapter 234 Release date & Spoiler.

In the last chapter, we saw the man talking about Glynballiol family and he also said that Yuno belongs to the family. Also, he mentioned that he is the king of Spade Kingdom. This brings us to start the discussion of Black Clover Chapter 234.

Black Clover Chapter 234 Spoiler Discussion

If you remember Yuno talking about the necklace that it belongs to him. It looks like he is pointing it to Aasta. But as per the person in the church, Aasta resembles the Glynballiol.

According to the last chapter, Yuno is the king of Spade Kingdom, which means Yuno will have to go to the Kingdom to save his people. Not only that, but we will get to know more about the trio that the man was talking about.

If you remember from the chapter 232, Yuno has become the vice caption. Which means he is way too powerful than Aasta. Does that mean we are going to see his true power in this chapter? To know that we will have to wait until the chapter releases.

So, what do you expect from this chapter? Do let us know your thought on this in the comment below.

Black Clover Chapter 234 Release Date

According to the source, there is no delay on the Chapter yet. Which means Black Clover Manga 234 release date will be 21 Dec 2019. But, if we find any changes in the schedule on the release date, then we will update you here.

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