Black Clover Chapter 230 – Spoiler, Release Date, Discussion, and Raw Scan


Black Clover Chapter 230

In the Black Clover’s Manga 299 Spoiler, we expected that we might get to see Aasta’s power. It seems that we were quite correct. Aasta has really become strong & we saw he kills one of the members of the Spade Kingdom. Apart from that, it has also become clear that the Spade Kingdom’s powerful people are taking all the Mana from the people that they have captured. So, this brings us to share & discuss our thought about Black Clover Chapter 230.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 230 Discussion & Expected Spoiler

By the end of the last chapter of Black Clover, we saw that Sister Lily found an unconscious man outside his house who was taking Yuno’s name. Now, there is no detail of what & why he was taking his name. Also, when we take a look at Black Clover’s Chapter 228, you might notice that we saw Yuno’s appearance.

When talking about that, we can connect it with this unconscious man at the Clover Kingdom. Still, his identity is unknown. There are two conditions here. First, that Yuno might have saved this man from the Spade Kingdom people or the Megicula. Or he might be someone from the Spade Kingdom who might have fought Yuno and lost.

Also, we are not sure if his identity will be shown in Black Clover Chapter 230 or not. But, one thing is sure that, we might get to know more about Aasta in the upcoming episode. This is sure that Aasta has become too fast & powerful & he has got a small mark on his stomach. This is definitely during his training in the Heart Kingdom.

So, in the upcoming Black Clover Manga 230, we might get to know a little bit more about Aasta & Yuno at the same time we might get to see how powerful the other has become.

Black Clover Chapter 230 Release Date

There is no delay on Black Clover upcoming chapter. Which means that you can read Black Clover Manga 230 on 22nd Nov 2019. The RAW scan of this Manga will be out on 20th Nov 2019. You can check back to us to know more updates about this chapter.

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