Black Clover Chapter 229 Spoiler – A New Arc Begins


Black Clover chapter 229

After a story build about Megicula, it is clear that the demon is way too powerful than demon fought in the last arc. Also, Black Clover Chapter 228 clearly gives a hint of a new Arc, which makes reading Black Clover Manga interesting. Therefore, we are here talking about upcoming, Black Clover Chapter 229.

As per the last chapter, Megicula definitely is a worthy opponent that the Black Clover & Heart Kingdom has to face. Also, we were sure that he resides in the Spades Kingdom, which we had already discussed in the spoiler of 228. So here we will see Black Clover Manga Chapter 229 Spoiler & will also see when will the chapter release.

Note: We are going to see a Colore page in this chapter

Black Clover Chapter 229 Spoiler

In Balck Clover Manga 229, we will see the condition of the Clover Kingdom 6 months later. We saw Yuno check the Clover Kingdom & also other chapters too. This means we will see Aasta and other back after 6 months of training from the Hearts Kingdom.

This means we will see a more powerful and strong Aasta, Noelle, and Finral. This was with a clear aim to defeat the demon which is way to power than the devil they fought earlier. We might get to see some demonstration of their power. Also, if we consider the chapter 227, we saw how Magna and others saw the Spades warrior, who actually was Megicula.

This does not mean that the other members have not grown strong. As this time they have to face a much more powerful devil, I guess we might see everyone way to powerful. In fact, this chapter is going to be more about everyone’s power demonstration and Aasta’s return to the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 229 Release Date

There is no delay on Black Clover Manga 229 release date. This means you can read the chapter on 15 Nov 2019. But, if there is any update, we will inform you here.

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