Black Clover Chapter 225 Release Date & Spoiler – Black Bull Enters The Heart Kingdom


Black Clover Manga Chapter 225 Spoiler & Release Date

After the last Elf Arc, we have finally come to another chapter. Megicula who is now the new demon in Black Clover is yet the secret. On the other hand, Noelle Silva is eager to know more about the Hearts kingdom. As she believes that she might get to know more about her mother and Megicula. We are sure this might not happen so early, but by that time we might see a lot of interesting facts. The last chapter 224 is out and after reading this here is out Black Clover Manga Chapter 225 Spoiler. Also, you will get to know about the chapter’s release date here.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 225 Spoiler

In the last chapter, we heard about two important things. One is the princess who is full of Mana and another is the curse. This is what brings us to think about why the Mana of the princess has stopped Aasta and other Black Cloverer’s at the entry. On the other hand, we do believe that Noelle will be playing the most important role here.

As Noelle is there to investigate about her mother, we might finally see her in action. As the princess has the same mana as Noelle, we might see how both of them will fight each other. One thing is also evident that the power of the Devil is what the princess needs.

So, this brings us to the conclusion that we might see some action in Black Clover chapter 225. Will Noelle get any evidence about her mother? We might know this after a few more chapter in the Hearts Kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 225 Release Date

As of now, there is no update about the chapter to get delayed. This means we might get to read chapter 225 by this Thursday which is 17th Oct 2019. In case there is any delay in the release date, then we will inform you here. Therefore, request you to Bookmark Anime.GeekSnipper to get regular updates on Anime and Manga.

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